Our Company


Centrally located in Grove, OK, CellFill℠ LLC℠ is an emerging player in the cellular and structural concrete industry.
The cellular concrete produced by our trucks is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and multi-use solution for municipalities and contractors currently working on:
  • Abandoned Water & Sewer Pipe Fills

  • Bridge Backfill Behind Abutments

  • Mine Shaft & Large Hole Capping

  • Corrugated Metal Pipe Backfill

  • Replacement of Unstable Soil & Erosion Control

  • Any project with CLSM/Flowable fill

Cellular Concrete Jobsite
Cellular Concrete Pouring
Cellular Concrete Equipment
Cellular Concrete Testing

Our Strategy


CellFill's strategy is simple...let us do one job for you and you determine if the cost savings and end product are above and beyond your expectations.

Our Product & Equipment


There are two types of cellular concrete foaming agents, closed cell and open cell. CellFill℠ , LLC primarily uses a closed-cell foam product that weighs less than 62.4 pcf (e.g. it floats). The closed cell nature of our material greatly decreases permeability while reducing the negative effects associated with freeze/thaw cycles and product shrinkage. In addition, rather than the commonplace protein-based foams used by many of our competitors, we only use synthetic based foams in all of our cellular applications. Synthetic foams are non-HAZMAT and do not provide a food source for harmful mold growth.


CellFill’s equipment is constantly evolving to stay on top of the latest technologies available. Some of the features of our current equipment include:

  • Self-leveling mobile unit sets up in various terrains

  • Computer automated PLC system quickly mixes to engineer/contractor exact mix specifications

  • Pump long distances at rates up to 150 cu yds/hr

  • Control densities on site by varying amount of foam injected into slurry mix

  • Densities range from 25-125 pounds per cu ft

  • Compressive strengths from 20-3000 psi

Cellular Concrete Pouring
Cellular Concrete Pumping

Our Lab


Information is power...and we love collecting information. At our in-house facility in Grove, OK, we have a testing laboratory with state of the art equipment to perform tests on the following from each job:
  • Cellular concrete density

  • Compressive strength

  • Shear modulus

  • Young’s modulus

  • Water absorption

Cellular Concrete Preformed Foam