Cellular Concrete Pouring

How CellFill℠ Benefits Your Business


It is less expensive than traditional grouts, CLSM, and other flowable fill.


  • Material is placed at high rates and high daily volumes (up to 150 cu yd/hour). This reduces the associated costs in traffic control, supervision, dewatering and any other support service that may be reduced by completing the job quicker.

  • Can be pumped over long distances without the added cost of a pumper truck, eliminating labor costs associated with placing traditional flowable fill.

  • Cellular concrete does NOT require being pumped under high pressure (a major problem in gravity fed pipe that can rupture under pressurized pumping leading to road and soil heaving).

  • It is self-leveling, has high lift, and greater structural integrity than traditional flowable fill, making it a stable choice for complex jobs.

  • Provides 100% compaction to fill spaces entirely with minimal shrinkage, which makes easy work of getting into hard-to-reach places.

  • The insulating powers of cellular concrete are great (can contain up to 80% air). The insulation afforded by air trapped in the cellular structure retains the heat of hydration which eases cold-weather placement and makes curing more complete.

  • Low water absorption and permeability decreases hydrostatic pressure on walls and reduces surface damage in freeze/thaw conditions.

  • Cellular concrete is an excellent modern green material for use in everyday construction with a relatively low carbon footprint.



Information supplemented by Tunnel Business Magazine

Cellular Concrete: Filling the Void

Posted on Mar 28, 2013 in Technical Papers